National Kiss Day & Steph’s Scribe’s Top 5 Movie Kisses

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Dear Readers,

I hadn’t planned to write anything for the blog on this lovely Friday the 13th, but now I feel inclined to do so. You see, Twitter has declared today National Kiss Day, and it’s trending as I write this. The actual National Kissing Day doesn’t take place until July 6th, so go figure. I’m not sure what it’s all about, but this HOPELESS ROMANTIC is going to jump on the bandwagon. This kind of nonsense is right up my alley.

In honor of Twitter’s National Kiss Day, I thought I’d post Steph’s Scribe’s favorite kisses in the movies. It’s the perfect opportunity to stir up some love and romance.

Here are my top five favorite movie kisses…

#5 — Bridget Jones’s Diary (WARNING: R-Rated Language…)

#4 — Atonement

#3 — Pride and Prejudice

#2 — The Notebook

#1 — The Young Victoria

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  • Ann A

    I agree! There might be a few more that I could add. That is, if I had the time to watch more films all the way through. Any romantic film with Colin FIrth would surely be on this list.

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