My Vote for Super Bowl Ad of the Night Goes To…(drum roll, please…)

…David Beckham and H&M. Like Google’s ad, “Parisian Love” that I mentioned earlier this week, we see the product (and the man) the whole time. And neither hurt the eyes. Also, there was no voice over, no words necessary. (As if they were needed. A picture is often worth more than a thousand words.)

The runner up for me: Ferris Bueller & Matthew Broderick. I wish the full version (seen here) would have run. It’s so much funnier.

And now we must wait until next year.

Let’s hope the batch we see then will be better than this collection. For the most part, the ads were lackluster and not as funny as one would have hoped. My kids loved the Doritos ad with the baby in the sling(shot).

I’ll be curious to see what my students in advertising class think…

What did you think of this year’s ads?


  • Chrysti

    The favorite for our crowd was the Geico ad with the middle school girls following the guy around to help him lose weight – “Ew..Seriously?..that is so gross” – that was laugh out loud funny for us. Also like the Chevy Armageddon one with the Barry Manilow song – clever. I agree with you – the long version of the Honda ad was better. But I think Beckham didn’t talk in his ad bc his voice is too high – would have ruined the whole look if he said anything. Did you ever hear his voice?? Ew .. seriously? ;o)

  • Chrysti

    True – just a little too much ego squeezed into that underwear for me :op. Forgot to mention the kid who has to pee but can’t find that bathroom and goes in the pool – that was hysterical too! I thought there were a couple of really funny ones this year – I guess I prefer those to Beckham and his underwear.

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