Hallmark holiday movies not to miss this season

A couple of days ago, I posted on my Facebook page that I just dvr’d my first holiday Hallmark movie of the season. My friend, Amy, replied that it was time for an intervention.

I love her dearly, but she’d better stay far, far away from my television and remote control. Holiday Hallmark movies are my most favorite vice.

I watch them all—faithfully—every year. I look forward to seeing them lined up in my dvr queue, as I decide which will be my pick of the night.

I love movies, all kinds—from Oscar-winning blockbusters to intense thrillers to sickeningly cute rom-coms to independent, quiet films–and Hallmark movies are no exception. Come on, aren’t holiday movies meant to be a little corny? Hallmark movies are created to remind us to partake of the season of giving and of the ideas of charity and forgiveness as November and December roll around. They harken back to the films of old, when miracles happened on 34th Street and Jimmy Stewart defeated the warped, frustrated, stingy Mr. Potter.

You can call me a Hallmark geek if you want. I’ll take it as a compliment.

Therefore, because I’m somewhat of a self-proclaimed expert on this subject, I thought I’d share the ones I absolutely will not miss. After you read this, head straight to your dvr and do yourself a favor. Record one. They are all safe for the whole family to watch together.

My Favorites

November Christmas

Tells the story of how a town bands together to give a child who is ill with cancer an early Halloween and Christmas one year. Don’t fear: happy ending is near. Starring John Corbett, Sam Elliott, Karen Allen, and Sarah Paulson.

The Note

When a journalist discovers a note, one of the remnants of a plane crash, she decides to pursue the idea of finding out who wrote it. The story evolves from there, and she gets caught up in unraveling some mysteries of her own. Starring Genie Francis and Ted McGinley.

Fallen Angel

Gary Sinise stars as a man who must go home to take care of his father’s house after his passing. However, he ends up staying and reuniting with people and memories that keep him there longer than he expected.

Mrs. Miracle

So totally cute, this story! When a young widower hires a “nanny” to help with his two boys, she bring love and spirit into a home that’s been in disarray. She also plays matchmaker in this delightful tale where we begin to wonder if we all have an angel watching over us. Starring James Van der Beek, Erin Karpluk, and Doris Roberts.

Farewell, Mr. Kringle

The town of “Mistletoe” has a Santa, and after 50 years, he’s decided to retire. Enter blogger Anna Walls who visits Mistletoe to see what this Santa is all about. While there, we learn of Anna’s past and of the town’s magical influence on her. Starring Christine Taylor, Christopher Wiehl, and William Morgan Sheppard.

The Christmas Card

It’s a toss-up for my favorite Hallmark movie; it’s either “The Christmas Card” or “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” I love them both, and I’d be hard pressed to choose between them. When a U.S. serviceman returns home from duty, he visits Nevada City, a place that was featured on a Christmas card he received from a church group who mails letters and cards to men and women overseas. What he finds is a town that opens its arms to him, and a woman he won’t be able to forget. Starring: John Newton, Ed Asner, Alice Evans, and Peter Jason.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Let me start of by saying I LOVE HENRY WINKLER. I also love Warren Christie and the rest of the cast of this adorable holiday movie. You can’t be in a bad mood when you watch this film…it will refuse to let you be grumpy. The plot: Henry Winkler plays the uncle who invites a guy stranded at the airport home to his niece’s house for the holidays. What results is nothing but good fun.

There are more new movies coming to Hallmark this year. In fact, one starring Dean Cain is scheduled for this Saturday night.

My dvr is on and I will keep you posted. For now, we have less than a week until Thanksgiving.

Let’s give thanks to Hallmark and these sweet little stories that make my heart, as well as the hearts of others, warm and fuzzy every holiday season.


UPDATE to this post, dated December 3, 2011:

Since I made this blog post a couple of weeks ago, I have since seen a few new Hallmark films, and one I hadn’t seen before. I highly recommend “Debbie Macomber’s Trading Christmas,” starring Tom Cavanaugh, Faith Ford, and Gil Bellows, as well as “A Christmas Wish,” starring Kristy Swanson.

Fans of the film “The Holiday” will love “Trading Christmas.” It’s a similar concept, where two people–this time a man and a woman–exchange homes in the United States for the holidays. It’s pretty cute and funny. I actually laughed out loud in several spots.

However, “A Christmas Wish” has a much more serious tone and the first time I watched it, I sobbed during one segment in particular. It’s very touching, realistic, and moving. Just have some tissues handy.

I’ll continue to update and add to this if I come across any more that I would highly recommend for you and your family.


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