Official Date Night is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Date Night...

I’d been editing my book all day on Saturday, trying to work through my final draft to get it ready for self-publication. It takes forever, so for those of you who are asking when my novel will be officially done, I’m not sure yet. The process takes much longer than anyone can imagine.

However, when I called it quits for the day and could no longer look at a computer screen, my husband and I went out for an official date night. Our children were spending the weekend at their grandparents, and we had the evening to ourselves. We ate delicious food at Sushi Sono (hands down the best sushi restaurant in Maryland), and then parked ourselves outside at the Lake in Columbia and listened to a terrific jazz band. The weather was beautiful for it.

My husband and I both love listening to live music as we sit among the stars. By nature, the very notion of it is romantic. The atmosphere forces you to reconnect in only the best of ways. It was just what the doctor ordered.

Life is hectic. Taking the time to talk and eat casually, and then stretch out while enjoying the sounds of relaxing music is needed therapy for any marriage when we often get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As my friend Michelle always says about going away each year for a night or two to celebrate her wedding anniversary, “I go away so I can remember why I married this person in the first place.” She’s funny—but it’s true. If we don’t make the time to enjoy each other, we can get lost in the daily grind of who’s picking up the kids, who will grab some milk from the grocery store, who will call the interior designer, who forgot to take out the trash, and answering the never ending question “where the hell is the match to this sock?”

So, my darling husband, it was good to talk to you and reconnect. It was nice finishing sentences without being interrupted. I enjoyed eating dinner at a leisurely pace without having to discuss “table manners.” I’m glad your new job is going so well for you. I do like the new ideas for redecorating the family room. And it was nice holding your hand. Let’s do it again, soon.

Oh, and yes. I can pick up the kids from grandma.

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  • John

    It’s so nice to read that someone out there can get through the “have to get dones” and appreciate the little (read “important”) things in life without a trace of irony or bitterness. Thanks for sharing.
    Sincerely, john

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