Guest Blogging This Week!

I’m so pleased and honored to have been asked to be a guest blogger on the site of Jim Abbiati, who happens to be my friend and a gifted author. Jim recently served as a guest blogger on Steph’s Scribe where he eloquently and constructively offered instruction on writing prose. (Jim’s Blog Post)

One of my favorite writers—and someone who has significantly influenced my writing over the years—is E.B. White. When I quiz my students on who E.B. White was, they all guess correctly: they say in tandem and with confidence “the author of Charlotte’s Web.” This is true. However, White was a master of the essay, and I force my magazine writing class to read one of his pieces entitled “The Geese” as a compliment to Paul Theroux’s award-winning magazine article from Smithsonian magazine “Living with Geese.” (It’s my chance to MAKE them read one of White’s essays).

Just one glimpse into White’s writing demonstrates his mastery of language and style. My students actually appreciate him, which is all I can ask for. Incidentally, I will never let go of the handbook I discuss, my original copy of The Elements of Style, stained with coffee from my college days, but still readable.

Therefore, it was an honor to write about and praise E.B. White in my guest blog piece on Jim’s site. I hope you enjoy it. (Steph’s E.B. White piece on Jim’s Blog)

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