Change. For the better. (I hope).

Yesterday in my post, I wrote that I can’t commit to tattoos. I change my mind way too often about things to be that married to something. So today, with input from a loyal reader, I changed my theme again. Why? I think it’s easier to read text on a white background and she concurred. My previous theme, while it was “pretty,” didn’t promote readability as much as I would have liked.

I’m giving this theme a try. Let me know how you like it and if you find it more readable.


  • Elizabeth Johnson

    I like this one as it gives us a feel of peeking into your journal and it is easier to read! But, I did like the other one as if gave me a warm and fuzy feeling with the fancy script. I don’t get to enjoy that too much lately so it was a pleasure to see it when I logged in to printout your most recent blog.

  • Cheryl Verni

    My name is Cheryl Verni and my mother’s name is Stephanie Verni. Thought it was awesome because there aren’t many Vernis in NY that aren’t in my family. Is your family from Long Island. Any relation to Michael (Michele) Verni or Nick Verni or Mary Verni? My grandmother is Pauline Verni. If not never mind.

    • Steph's Scribe/Stephanie Verni

      Hi Cheryl! I’m so glad you commented. After I read what you wrote, I immediately called my father-in-law. I married into the Verni name (my maiden name is also Italian; it’s Parrillo, but Verni is my husband’s family’s name). My husband’s first name is Anthony, his father’s name is Mark (Marco), and my husband’s grandfather’s name is Anthony as well. My husband’s grandfather comes from Acquaviva, Italy, in the region of Bari. They settled in the state of New York. Apparently, some of Anthony’s grandfather’s cousins (one named Ralph or Raphael) settled in Long Island; another cousin(s) went to Chicago. Can you trace your family’s connection to Italy? If so, were they from Bari? My father-in-law has cousins still in Bari and visits them and talks with them regularly. This is certainly very interesting and worth exploring! –Stephanie

  • Margie

    I didn’t see your other theme, but I have to agree that black type on a light background is easy to read, as are certain fonts such as the one in this theme.

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