Which Bunny Are You?

In honor of the recent movie “Hop,” and as the Easter holiday approaches this weekend, some folks may be stocking baskets with chocolate bunnies. Therefore, I thought we could play a little holiday game called “Which bunny are you?”

There have been many tantalizing bunny/rabbit characters written for both literature and film, so I’ve picked six of my favorites and want you to you decide which one bunny shares some of your own qualities and characteristics. Who says literature and film aren’t good for a little self-exploration? Let’s begin with…

Bunny #1

If you’ve ever disobeyed your parents and snuck away to do something that you want to do despite the fact that your loved ones don’t believe it’s in your best interest, you may feel akin to Peter Rabbit from Beatrix Potter’s wonderful stories that include The Tale of Peter Rabbit and The Tale of Benjamin Bunny. These rabbits got into trouble without really trying too hard to do so; Potter wrote them sweetly, and you know deep down that neither Peter nor Benjamin had a malicious bone in their little rabbit bodies.

Bunny #2

On the flip side, maybe you’re a troublemaker who becomes super loud if you have alcoholic drinks and people are always trying to frame you or blame you for something. If this is the case, maybe you’re more like the anthropomorphic Roger Rabbit from the film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” Roger is neurotic—and annoying at times—though he still manages somehow to remain loveable. Know anyone like this?

Bunny #3

Speaking of neurotic—with a dash of obsequiousness thrown in for good measure—we examine the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Let’s face it: he’s a bit of a suck-up.  He appears to be more interested in pleasing the King and Queen of Hearts than being nice to his counterparts (the rhyme there is unintentional). This bunny seems to leave a trail of pomposity behind him.

Bunny #4

Are you smart? Do you want to discuss things with the brightest people in the room, or at least a wise old owl? Do you think you have the best ways to solve a problem? Are you able to mastermind a plan, even if it only ever becomes a disaster and falls apart? If these are some of your characteristics, perhaps you may indeed be clever enough to invest in friends such as a charming, honey-loving Pooh bear; a loveable, albeit gloomy donkey; a nervous, but well-meaning piglet; and an adoring mom and her innocent, bouncy offspring. Surrounding yourself with good friends may be enough to help you survive in the “hood,” I mean, “Wood” (Hundred Acre, that is).

Bunny #5

Are you a trickster? Can you outwit your arch nemesis with a smile on your face? Are you clever and speedy? Are you cunning and have the ability to sweet talk your way into or out of any situation? Do you like vegetables, particularly raw carrots? What’s up, Doc? Could you be feeling a connection to Bugs?

Bunny #6

Are you ever so wrapped up in yourself that someone calls you selfish? Have you ever forgotten what it means to love, and to get love in return? Have you taken advantage of someone—of pure kindness—and known you’ve done it? Bunny #6 happens to be my favorite character of late; written by the amazingly talented Kate DiCamillo, Edward Tulane is a China rabbit who knows nothing but his own selfish thoughts. When he becomes lost from his original owner, Edward embarks on a series of adventures where he begins to understand himself, the power of love, and what it means to be selfless. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane can be found in the youth/young adult section of bookstores, but trust me when I tell you, this rabbit’s story if for all of us.

There are lots of rabbits/bunnies from which to choose, I know. But of the six I’ve selected, which one most closely resembles you? Too tough to call?

Perhaps the truth is there’s a little bit of each bunny in all of us.

Photo credits: http://www.cartoonspot.net/looney-tunes/bugs-bunny-coloring-page.php, Amazon.com

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