Making the Book Trailer for Inn Significant

More and more authors are creating book trailers for their work. The hope is that someone will see the trailer and then want to read the novel.

If you’re going to create a trailer for your novel, there are things you can do: you can have someone make it, or you can make it yourself. But you have to have the right ingredients, and you have to know what might work. Work with a copywriter or filmmaker if you don’t know how to do it. Or, maybe even recruit a student who needs to do a projects for a grade to make one for you.

I make mine myself. I take all the photographs, write the copy, and build and edit the trailer myself.

It only took me a year, but here is the book trailer for my most recent novel,
Inn Significant.

And therein lies the problem: as independent authors, we have to wear so many hats, and sometimes it takes us a while to get to all our marketing projects that revolve around the books we write…but I guess in the end, that’s what makes me proudest to be an indie author.

And I happen to like hats.



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