Adding Passionate Pops of Pink to Your Decor

The back porch of my own home; a pop of pink in the carnations among tuquoise and greys.
The back porch of my own home; a pop of pink in the carnations.

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According to Empower Yourself with Color Psychology, the color pink “represents compassion, nurturing, and love” and, apparently, the deeper the pink, the more “passion and energy it exhibits.” Many people consider the color pink a very feminine color, but this perception was not true back in the 1920s. According to an article in The Atlantic, men wore suits of pink, even with floral embroidery, and the color had working-class connotations.

Adding some pink into your decor warms things up; it makes your space feel welcoming and compassionate.

In my own home, which consists of lots of blues and greys, adding pink here and there can liven up your space and help set off the rest of the room. I’ve found that pink accents helps showcase everything around that little pop of color.

Here are some images I’ve found online that illustrate just how this vibrant color can add character to your home, including a photo of my own porch (above), where I allowed the rich, magenta color of the carnations to take center stage.

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