“Modern Family” And My Wedding Anniversary

Cam & Gloria.

Today is my wedding anniversary.

Wait. Let me start over because that’s a pretty selfish thing to say since it’s technically “our” anniversary, as it is a shared responsibility, this sacrament of marriage. Fifteen years ago, my husband and I said “I do.” We’ve done a lot of DOs and DON’Ts since then, but the fact remains that we’re still together, and, amazingly, we can still laugh after nineteen years of togetherness.

But enough about that. If you’re a faithful reader, you know my husband hates to be mentioned on the BLOG. So instead of mentioning him, I’ll make the anniversary post all about me, so that I leave him nothing—absolutely nothing—to complain about.

I had an epiphany while watching “Modern Family.” I realized that if you took Gloria’s and Cameron’s traits and rolled them into one, you would have me.

To prove I am right, I dissected their personalities, and applied them to my own personality, citing each character’s tendency, and how it directly relates to me. When I’m done with the list, you’ll probably feel full compassion for my husband on this 15th anniversary…simply because he’s put up with me for so long.


The List:

  • I give my husband crap. (Gloria)
  • I’m emotional. (Gloria and Cam)
  • I raise my voice, and often yell and scream. (Gloria)
  • I have a sense of humor, especially when I’m trying to prove a point or I imitate the “logical voice” in Anthony’s head. (Gloria)
  • I am overly sensitive and take things too personally. (Cam)
  • I allow emotions to rule over logic. (Cam)
  • I like fashion and spend oodles of money on clothes, shoes, and accessories. (Gloria…oh…and maybe Cam, too).
  • I have a temper. (Gloria)
  • I like to be the center of attention sometimes. (Gloria and Cam)
  • I have a tough time with diets. (Cam)
  • I like parties, especially the 40th I never had. (Cam & Gloria)
  • I love indulging my children. (Gloria & Cam)
  • I can be neurotic about things, especially health related things. (Cam)
  • I’m overly dramatic. (Cam)
The Happy Couple on our 15th Anniversary Trip.

I feel sorry for my husband. The poor thing. It’s enough to deal with one of these types of personalities, but merge two of them into one human being, and holy frijoles, we’ve got trouble.

I’ll be lucky if he tolerates me until the 16th anniversary. But at least I keep things interesting.

(And he’ll be lucky if I tolerate his inability to fix anything—[Phil]—but we’ll save that for another post down the line when he deserves some ribbing.)

Today, he deserves only praise.

Therefore, Happy Anniversary to the man who has suffered greatly from this vast array of personality shifts.

Here’s to “Manny” more to come.

(No. I won’t go there.)


BLOGGER’S NOTE: This post was altered and updated from last year’s post. I knew I could never top it, so I posted it again, with minor tweaks and changes.


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