Most Attractive Names Revealed After Poll—Did Your Name Make The List?


I know I just blogged earlier today, but this study is fascinating. When I was driving to work yesterday morning, I heard the morning show I was listening to discussing this topic…

Apparently, a group of Psychologists at Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany, conducted a survey of more than 47,000 people. The questions asked? What are the most attractive male and female names, as well as the most least attractive male and female names.

The test polled these folks who are online daters to see how they would react to people’s names alone—without seeing a photo or any other additional information about the person.

The results?

Most Attractive Male Name: Jacob

Runners up: Alexander, Max, Peter, and Mark.

Most Attractive Female Name: Charlotte

Runners up: Emma, Hannah, and Marie.

Now for the most unattractive names…(Please don’t shoot me; I am only reporting the results of this poll, and by no means do they reflect the sentiments of this blogger)…

Least Attractive Male Name: Kevin

Runners up: Justin, Marvin, and Dennis.

Least Attractive Female Name: Mandy

Runners up: Celina, Chantal, and Jacqueline.

I’m not sure I’m down with this list. First of all, shouldn’t Stephanie be topping the Most Attractive Female Name list????  And my friend Currie wants to know why her name has never made a list. Ever.

As for Kevin, I don’t mind that name. Kevin Costner comes to mind, someone I’ve actually met and who was very, very nice (and his good looks at the time actually rendered me speechless upon introduction). And Jacqueline is a very lovely name. Mandy is usually short for Amanda…isn’t that a cute nickname?

I’m not too sure where the heck Charlotte came from. It’s a beautiful name, it’s true, but could Charlotte from “Sex and The City” have done wonders to bring back that name from the crypt?

Mark is a good name (my father-in-law will be pleased), as are Alex, Max, and Peter. But where’s Matt? Isn’t Matt a great name? Two of the apostles’ names are listed (Peter and Mark), what about Luke and Matt? And the masculine version of Stephanie is Steve. No Steve? Apparently not.

Oh, well. Who knows what this is all about. Daters out there, take heed. You may want to avoid Kevins and Mandys just to stick with the trend. Or you could buck the trend altogether and pick people to date who own these names just to throw a wrench into the poll.


  • Julie Wagner

    And Julie….How about a shout out for Julie???? Very interesting, I tend to love Daniel, Andrew, Sam and Will, but I am biased too

  • keely

    I also want to know why mine has never made any list ever! Currie and Keely can top the list of awesomest listless people ever.

    Or wait. That doesn’t sound so good.

    • Steph's Scribe/Stephanie Verni


      You don’t think of it as the #1 name or that it was pulled from the “crypt” as I jokingly wrote. My daughter’s name is Eleanor…here in the U.S. some of the “old-fashioned” names are making big comebacks, Eleanor and Charlotte (which is more of an older name here) are two of them. One of my friends named her daughter Charlotte. It’s a lovely name, I guess I was very surprised that it was #1 on the list.


  • Elizabeth

    Hello? Elizabeth should have on the top of the sexy list as well! It is “old fashioned”, biblical and has stood the test of time. Lots of nicknames as well-Liz, Beth, Lizbeth, Betty, Liza, and my all time college favorite, Zibby!

  • Cheryl

    I always joke that when people are named Cheryl in movies or on TV, it’s usually someone’s bitch ex-girlfriend. I think I have a bitch ex-girlfriend kind of name, and I’m okay with that.

    But I bet this list changes a lot from year to year, just like the top baby names too. It’s interesting to think about this list from a baby-naming perspective. Like, do you want to give your kid a name that will get him a date someday? Or which sounds dignified and presidential? Or which will just imply that he’s the cutest kid in his preschool class? Not all names fit all bills.

  • Steph's Scribe/Stephanie Verni

    All the Cheryls I know are smart and attractive. But, you can always switch it up as your mood strikes you. 🙂

    I always wonder why people name their kids something outrageous. They must know that someday the kid will want to disown his parents for choosing such a ridiculous name and will yearn to be famous so he can select a stage name and then write a song about how his parents didn’t love him enough because they named him Asterisk.

  • Brittany

    I’m surprised about the name Brittany, I was expecting it to be in the list of unattractives haha I feel my name is just so childish as I get older.

  • lucewriter

    Strange list, in many ways. But Mark is a good guys name, especially if you spell it Marc like my son ;).

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