Ending 2020 with a Manuscript and Some Thoughts

Monday 12.28.2020

At 10:15 p.m., I finally finished the first draft of the manuscript of my new novel. I typed the words “THE END,” but as we all know, it’s the beginning. Of edits. Of rewrites. Of additions and subtractions. Maybe even a tantrum or two. 😜

Gosh, I love this process. All of it.


Tuesday 12.29.2020

Two doctors appointments today forced me to step on two scales at two different offices. I liked the numbers on the second scale better, to be honest. It was less indicative of all the Christmas cookies I’ve eaten over the last couple of weeks.🤪

2020 has been filled with tremendous highs and lows, disappointments and sadness, anxiety, and a sense of small accomplishments. My daughter completed her first semester of her freshman year of college and my son is halfway done with his junior year of college. I’m so proud of how they’ve handled their respective situations. My husband started his new job at the Orioles just a couple of weeks before the pandemic sent us all home. I taught my college classes from home and am currently battling (and will conquer) some health issues.

2020 also brought some joys, such as spending more time with family, enjoying our new boat, getting outside more, taking long walks, vacationing with Anthony’s parents, sitting by my parents’ pool, and finally, last night, finishing the first draft of my new novel.

So we take the bad with the good. We “keep buggering on,” as Winston Churchill said.

And while I’m reflecting, I’d also like to add a word of thanks for all the notes of congratulations for getting that first draft of my new novel completed last night. You all understand the work and dedication it takes to write a novel. As you reach your writing goals, I’ll be cheering you on as well!!! Keep going! You can do it. Persevere, my friends.😍

Oh, and one last thing: I think we really need to bring back hats in 2021 in America. Watching The Crown has made me love them even more! And my mother-in-law called this a “Lady Mary-like” hat from Downton Abbey. Got it not at the Abbey, but in Downtown Annapolis!

Hat’s off to a much better 2021!



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