Pretty Things That Bring You Joy

Peaceful Petals Flower Truck

I don’t know about you, but our current situation regarding coronavirus is starting to get to me. Our mental health is being affected, whether we realize it or not. Being unable to do some of the things that we enjoy doing is taking a toll. I know there have been much greater sacrifices made, and I know there have been much tougher situations people have faced. Still, what we are facing is affecting lives, businesses, and our state of mind; it requires us to face our daily challenges with grace.

Taking regular, long walks has been away to clear my mind. Writing a new novel has been incredibly therapeutic. Photography has been another outlet for me during this time. What have you found you love to do now that we are not living the lives we used to?

I used to say my favorite color is black, but now I’m changing my mind. I think my favorite color is Tiffany blue, then black. I’ll always love my black clothing, black shoes, and black handbags. But Tiffany blue is calming. Therefore, as you can see here, I’m sharing some of my favorite things that are either Tiffany blue or black that bring me some joy.

What things, besides exercising or meditation or being with your loved ones, bring you joy? I’d love to hear about them.

The bouquet I picked from the mobile flower truck.
Book Club Journals from Five Below
Our next book club book – 4 books a year
Tiffany bracelet along with Kate Lofton bracelets
Kinder Farm Park and my 3-mile walks
Hitting over 45,000 words on my new novel.

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