When You Realize It’s ALWAYS Been A Goal


Do you ever come across something that makes you stop in your tracks?

Today, as I’m working on my short story collection and perusing REALLY OLD short stories I wrote in the 1980s, I came across this folder.

It’s not so much the contents of the folder itself that made me pause, but rather what I wrote on the folder itself back then: “Story ideas are easy…building the story is different.” Under that I wrote, “I want to be a novelist.”

I was in my early 20s, and that is what I wrote.

It’s like what Steve Harvey said to a kid the other night on Little Big Shots: “To be what you want, you have to envision it.”

I didn’t say I wanted to be a FAMOUS novelist…just a novelist. And that is why I do what I do every damn day of my life. Seeing this is validation for all the work I put into writing.

So…Continue to pursue your dreams and goals, people. Keep at them. Go for your goal and envision it.

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