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As it is March 1st, and it is #WORLDBOOKDAY, I thought I’d share my three new promo pieces I created for today.

My fellow independent authors and I are always thinking of ways to help promote and market our books. Creating promotional book teasers, ads, and social media posts helps us in our endeavors, but guess what are the two best ways to get people to read our books?

1-Recommend them (either by word-of-mouth or on social media)


2-Write a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble

As #WORLDBOOKDAY is meant to spread the love of books and promote reading, I like to think of myself as a strong ambassador of the cause. As a teacher, there is a direct correlation between how well someone writes to how well someone reads. The best readers are strong writers.

Support Independ Authors Button.indd

And as an added bonus, the best readers are often the most empathic people you can meet.

So, on WORLD BOOK DAY, let’s celebrate reading and help spread the love of books.


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