Moved To Tears

JohnMayerI don’t know what it is about driving in a car by yourself with the ability to listen to whatever music you choose, but there are some songs that are so poetic, they move me to tears. I’m back to my old tricks–the hopeless romantic in me has returned. Full force.

On my way up to Local Authors Day at the Bel Air Library (a 45-minute drive), I was listening to John Mayer. He’s one of my favorite artists, primarily because his lyrics are so incredibly moving and realistic.

Back in the car on the ride home, I popped the CD back in again. Every time I listen to “Comfortable,” it gets me choked up. It’s one of those songs where you can almost hear the artist’s heart breaking. I am no singer or performer, but I remember watching American Idol when the judges would comment that they didn’t “believe the contestants when they sang.” I know what the judges mean by this—all you have to do is see Anne Hathaway sing “I Dreamed A Dream” in the film “Les Miserables” to witness an incredibly believable performance. She won Best Supporting Actress for it.

But back to John Mayer: he feels the lyrics. We hear his voice become affected by the words and story he is telling. And that’s why I pay attention to lyrics—I want to listen and interpret the story that’s being told to me through song.

There was something about his song that made me tear up today. Maybe it was because all afternoon I told the plot of my novel to potential readers over and over again…a plot that focuses on love, heartbreak, and forgiveness, or maybe it’s because of entirely different reason all together. I don’t know if I can put my finger on it, but it was somewhere in these lines of lyrics that I felt myself become weepy:

“Can’t remember, what went wrong last September
Though I’m sure that you’d remind me, if you had to…

Our love was, comfortable and
so broken in …

She thinks I can’t see the smile that she’s fakin’
and poses for pictures that aren’t being taken
I loved you
grey sweat pants, no makeup, so perfect

Our love was, comfortable and
so broken in
she’s perfect, so flawless
I’m not impressed, I want you back.”


  • Jack Flacco

    I don’t want to admit it, but whenever I listen to The Partridge Family’s Point Me in the Direction of Albuquerque, I well up. I guess it has to do with hearing it when I grew up in the 70s and it reminded me of my childhood. Who knows. I don’t listen to it that often for that reason. Love the song!

  • Tammy

    Hey Stephanie, John Mayer is one of my favorite artists as well and “Comfortable” happens to also be one of my favorite songs. My friends tease me whenever I hit it to play on the jukebox because it is one of his longest live performances! I however, just belt it out and let them laugh. He is an extremely talented lyricist and musician. It almost isn’t fair how much talent is inside that man. This post brought back memories for me!

  • Steph's Scribe/Stephanie Verni

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    I wrote about being “Moved to Tears” a while back. It happened to be this Friday’s WordPress post prompt. As I am still on hiatus, I thought I’d reblog it because it still holds true. I also just had my children watch “Les Mis,” and they were both moved by it. Music moves us, no matter what age we are.

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