Ab Envy

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To steal the great, late Nora Ephron’s fabulous title of one of her books, “I Feel Bad About My Neck,” today on the beach the only thing that was running through my head was I feel bad about my stomach.

As I watched girls in their twenties stroll the beach in their cute little bikinis, I realized that I did not spend enough time in my twenties appreciating my flat, hard stomach. Damn it. Why didn’t I enjoy it whilst I had it?

Fast forward twenty years later, two kids who almost killed me during deliveries, and a metabolism on the slow-down, and all I’m left with is, as Julia Roberts says in “Eat, Pray, Love,” a muffin top.

I have stomach envy. I miss the days when I could prance around in a bikini and look good in it. When I get home, I may have to visit my mother and look in her old photo albums for photographs of me in a bikini to validate that once–yes, once–my stomach was attractive.

Women in their 20s and even in their 30s…do yourself a favor: appreciate what you’ve got before one day, you have regret, and you feel bad about what once was your lower, sexy abdomen.

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  • AnAngel´sHeart

    not that u re not right ^^ cause at the age of 27 i already have a problem that no matter how many kilos i get down, i can´t do nothing about my stomach xD damn it! But that s not the reason for me saying the following…
    What women need to take care of and appreciate is mind ^^ and that something inside… even the fashion top models look ugly if they lack that inner shine a person needs to have to catch someones attention and to outshine others 🙂 And when i come across hard rock abbs girl, lean muscles etc and when she opens her mouth and all i hear is something stupid … obnoxious… geez go play a russian roulette babe B-)
    So thumbs up for sharp mind, people interested in something worthy, goodness and alike 🙂

    We ll flatten our bellies along the way 😉

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