• Lines and Patterns and Trees—Oh My!

    Borrowing the title and twisting it a little from “The Wizard of Oz,” today’s WordPress photo challenge involves lines and patterns, and for me, trees. Oh my! This photo was taken in December at Pine Valley Farms near Westminster, Maryland. My family and I have been going there to cut down our Christmas tree for years. And somehow, we always get beautiful weather for the excursion. The tree farm is absolutely picturesque, and this farm epitomizes today’s challenge.  

  • The Golden Hour

    The Golden Hour, this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, was photographed in Duck, North Carolina in the Outer Banks, as the sun was beginning to set. We had eaten at one of our favorite restaurants, Aqua, and then headed to the deck and the lawn to take in the setting sun. It doesn’t get much more golden than that.

  • Curves

    Two summers ago, thanks to my friend Ron, a group of us went to see The Black Eyed Peas. We were in the second row. Fergie was right in front of me. When I saw the word “curves” was the WordPress weekly challenge word, the first thing that came to mind was Fergie and her fantastic figure. It’s really quite sickening. I’m about as tall as she is, and I wish I had time to work out to get CURVES like she has.  

  • What The Sign Says

    I know you find it hard to believe, but it’s happening here in Maryland. It’s called the RAIN TAX, and people are outraged and want to learn more about this latest tax to citizens. This sign made me laugh: even at the local Arnold Senior Center, there is talk about it. If you want to read more about this tax that has us all wondering when the CLOUD TAX will take place, see this article from The Frederick News-Post. In this poll from CNN Money, it says that Maryland ranks #2 in terms of highest tax rates. Let’s hope God lets a little less rain fall on Maryland, cuz it’s…

  • This Week’s Weekly Photo Challenge Word: ESCAPE

    This week’s weekly photo challenge word from WordPress is ESCAPE. I typically think of escaping to a beach or relaxing somewhere near the water, but this photo is one of my recent favorites. I took it as we were heading back from Miami in November after I attended the Readers Favorite Awards Ceremony where I accepted a Bronze Medal in Contemporary Romance for my first novel, “Beneath the Mimosa Tree.” I was literally on Cloud 9, and this photo, the clouds, and the sky’s glorious colors offer that sense of wonderment. I was in awe that I won an award, my husband and biggest supporter was by my side, and…

  • The Good Salad: “Lunchtime” Weekly Photo Challenge

    Today’s weekly photo challenge is “Lunchtime,” and what we have for lunch. As it’s Friday, and I’m Catholic, that means no meat. However, I will toast Pope Francis I and wish him well with my glass of wine, while I enjoy what we fondly call The Good Salad. Lettuce, grapes, green apples, and feta cheese adorn the salad. The dressing is homemade. Once you taste this dressing, you’ll never want store-bought dressing ever again! Cheers!

  • Lost In The Details —Weekly Photo Challenge

    I really liked what Christopher Martin had to say in today’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. As an amateur photographer, with a keen interest in “seeing things in spectacular ways,” I am drawn to using my camera as a tool in creativity. I am only 5’1″, so I tend to shoot low to high anyway (I’m coming back in my next life as a tall person), plus I like to play with angles. Here are four shots whereby I got completely lost in the details.

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

    This week’s weekly photo challenge comes from Sara Rosso at WordPress. The word is Kiss. In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture which means KISS to you! I adore this photo. These are my friends Gui and Jenny; Gui is being silly by planting a KISS on Jenny’s cheek as we ham it up for the camera at the Michael Buble concert in Washington, D.C. My husband took the photo of us. We are all old friends who always have a great time whenever we get together. What I love about this photo is the pure innocence that’s captured as we laughed, talked, and caught…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

    I decided to participate again this week in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. The word we had to “show” through photography was “unique.” This week’s photo is one I took last May when my husband and I vacationed at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida. We took a guided bike tour along North Lake Trail, which brought us to Henry Flagler’s House and into some neighborhoods, and then along the beach and back to The Breakers. These flowers were so unique, I had to stop and admire their beauty. I’m not even sure if this photograph does them justice.