• The Good Salad: “Lunchtime” Weekly Photo Challenge

    Today’s weekly photo challenge is “Lunchtime,” and what we have for lunch. As it’s Friday, and I’m Catholic, that means no meat. However, I will toast Pope Francis I and wish him well with my glass of wine, while I enjoy what we fondly call The Good Salad. Lettuce, grapes, green apples, and feta cheese adorn the salad. The dressing is homemade. Once you taste this dressing, you’ll never want store-bought dressing ever again! Cheers!

  • Conversations With My Children

    I was spring cleaning and stopped. My mother had called to say there was white smoke coming from the Vatican. I turned on the news and sat to watch. We are practicing Catholics, and at some point we’ll stop practicing and do it for real. In the meantime, I watched with excitement as the crowds gathered in St. Peter’s Square, goosies appearing all over my arms as I couldn’t help but get into the spirit. Who would be the new Pope? I’d been to the Vatican—it was one of our most splendid times in Rome and Vatican City. I’ll never forget that feeling of walking into the Sistine Chapel and…