• Patterns: Showcasing My Favorite Scenery Photo

    I was glad to see today’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge was entitled “patterns.” I’ve been wanting to showcase this particular photograph I took last year in Palm Beach. On a bike ride through neighborhoods, my husband and I happened upon this main entrance to a community. It’s absolutely stunning and probably my favorite scenery photo that I’ve taken to date. And you can’t help but notice the stunning arches and railing, which happen to make the most picturesque pattern. Love.

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

    I decided to participate again this week in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. The word we had to “show” through photography was “unique.” This week’s photo is one I took last May when my husband and I vacationed at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida. We took a guided bike tour along North Lake Trail, which brought us to Henry Flagler’s House and into some neighborhoods, and then along the beach and back to The Breakers. These flowers were so unique, I had to stop and admire their beauty. I’m not even sure if this photograph does them justice.

  • Bringing Back The Love Letter

    * * * Dear Readers, Last year I wrote a post entitled “Instructions for Writing a Love Letter: Taking the Love Letter Oath.” To date, it’s one of the most popular posts on Steph’s Scribe. In any given week, I receive many hits on that one piece, which leaves me with a sense of hope. People still want to write a love letter. They just need a little encouragement. What I think is so sweet about this endeavor is the time it takes to construct one. I said it in the last post, and I’ll say it again: your ability to write something meaningful, make it look pretty on paper, and…