• Do You Have Gumption?

    *** Either you have it, or you don’t. Either you find it, or you won’t. Gumption comes from way deep down, and sometimes it’s tough to identify. Sometimes, you have to do a little soul searching to find it. Take, for example, Iris in “The Holiday.” Iris had been in love with the same man, Jasper, for years, and he didn’t return the sentiment. It was unrequited love in the keenest sense. Jasper used Iris, her kindness, and her love to his benefit, and she allowed that to happen. It’s not an unrealistic story. These types of love stories take place every day. However, Iris finally snaps, realizes what gumption is, and…

  • Humor & Drama In Advertising

    It’s that time of the year at our university…students are about to make their advertising pitches today through next week as we wrap up the semester. I’ve shown them a lot of ads over the course of the semester, and they’ve liked some of the older ads as well as some of the newer ones. Today, I’m featuring some of their favorites. The old Pets.com ad… Nike’s Find Your Greatness ad… Google’s Parisian Love ad… The old Mercedes Benz ad… Thank You, Moms ad, by P & G from last summer’s Olympics… The Three Little Pigs, from The Guardian, UK