• Blogging from Bethany – Beach Cottages

    What if your fairy godmother told you that you could have any of the houses shown here? Which one would you pick? Do you prefer a small beach cottage covered in roses and flowers, or would you rather have one of the big mommas? This is the kind of game I play with myself when I’m exploring the streets on my bike. As I mentioned in a previous post, these properties have a lot of personality, and they are some of my favorites. As for me, well, I wouldn’t be too picky. A house at the beach is a house at the beach, no matter which way you slice it.…

  • My Favorite Magnet

    Those of you who know me, this about sums it up. There really is little need to write much on the subject, because this magnet speaks volumes. I love the outdoors, the beach, the water, the river… But not camping. I prefer the modern amenities, and I can commune with nature under the stars on the beach or on a boat on the river. Campers, please don’t hate me. It’s just what makes the world go ’round. And this by far is my favorite magnet.