• “Rapture” on Baseball Bard

    * * * I was so pleased to hear from the folks at Baseball Bard that my latest poem, “Rapture,” has been published. As many of you know, I have a little love affair with baseball, as I worked for a major league team for many years. Here’s what Baseball Bard had to say about the poem, and I quote: “The last four lines of RAPTURE literally stopped our collective breaths here at Baseball Bard. We dropped everything and published it immediately.” I’m so glad they liked it, and I hope you will, too. If you’d like to see what they’re talking about, visit Baseball Bard by clicking here.

  • Published on Baseball Bard!

    When looking through my recent print copy of Poets & Writers, I came across a call for poetry submissions for an online literary magazine called Baseball Bard. A little light bulb went off in my head, and I thought: Baseball. Poetry. Baseball. Poetry. Hmmmm…it’s a natural marriage of two things that have been important in my life for a long time. Why not give it a try? I wrote a little poem called “Baseball Behind the Scenes” about how it felt to work for a major league ballclub and sent it off. Having spent 13 seasons with the Orioles, I was so pleased to learn they wanted to publish my…