The Writing Report – January 3

As a way to hold myself accountable for my work as an author, I’m making my New Year’s Resolution to commit to the weekly Writing Report. In this weekly Monday blog post, I will report on what has been done in pursuit of my writing career. I’ll keep each report as short as possible, and will sometimes write in paragraph form, and at other more pressing times when my life as a professor becomes a little hectic, I will write in bullet points.

Let’s begin today’s Writing Report with a short recap and an establishment of my writing goals.


Last year, I published two novellas, including Anna in Tuscany (September 2021) and From Humbug to Humble: The Transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge (November 2021). I also completed my first round of full edits on my forthcoming novel The Letters in the Books (contemporary/women’s fiction). As if that weren’t enough, I am 37,725 words into another novel I am writing entitled Dodging Love (historical fiction).

2022 GOALS

My goals are to do the following:

1-Complete another round of edits on The Letters in the Books.

2-Finish drafting Dodging Love.

3-Publish both of these novels in 2022.

4-Work on a marketing campaign for these novels, and as well, work on Year 2 marketing campaign for From Humbug to Humble each Christmas season.


Now that you know my goals, I will give a weekly update as to my activity. This will hopefully do three things:

1-Keep me accountable and on target with my writing projects.

2-Inspire others to do the same with their projects.

3-Keep my readers abreast of how I work toward my goals each week, month, and year.


That’s it for now! Happy New Year! And let’s kick some butt this year with our writing!

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