Here’s Hoping for a Brighter 2021

Sneaking in a little editing to close out 2020.

Happy end of 2020 friends. Earlier, I went for a walk, cleared all the cobwebs of 2020 out of my brain as best as I could, and I’ve made room for more positivity in 2021. I’m not exactly sure there’s going to be a switch flipped and all will be normal starting tomorrow, but adjusting the mindset can be helpful. With what I’ve dealt with over the last three months, I’m hopeful that 2021 will bring some brightness.

I don’t know about you, but when I finish writing a novel, it’s tough to jump right in and begin the daunting task of editing and reworking the darn thing. I need to step away and miss the characters a little bit before I get back in there and perform literary surgery on them all. Dissecting each one takes time. With five narrators in this particular novel, it requires wearing different hats for each character (and you know my affinity for hats by now)! But really, taking a breather for a few days is important. Right now, I’m just rereading and editing the prologue, because it sets the tone for what comes afterwards, and it’s vitally important for me to get that just right.

I’ve also got a pretty sassy dress upstairs hanging on hangar with nowhere to go. We’ll be snuggled up here ringing in the New Year as we just started watching The Queen’s Gambit. Since over 62 million people have watched this series, I’m sure some of you have watched? What did you think? We’ve only just finished the first episode.

I hope you all are snuggled up and are warm and cozy as you ring in 2021. I will raise a glass of cheer to you all. Wishing you the brightest 2021 we can all possibly imagine.


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  • Mom

    Thought I’d share these 2 tee shirt quotes: 1).You think it’s bad now? In 20 years our country will be run by people who were home-schooled by day drinkers! 2). I thought growing older would take longer.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Tomorrow 2020 will be just a memory.
    A hug, Mom and Dad

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