Give the Gift of Books

If this year’s taught us anything, it’s that sometimes life throws us curve balls that are unforeseen. As we’ve all navigated this crazy 2020, sometimes the best remedy is to sink your teeth into a book that offers hope and positivity.

I thought I’d share the novels I’ve been writing and publishing since 2012. If you need a gift for a reader, my books are available on and

Here’s the list:
Beneath the Mimosa Tree (2012): Can two friends who turn into lovers find forgiveness 10 years after one of them makes a mistake?
Baseball Girl (2015): After losing her father, a woman secures a job working in professional baseball when she meets a ballplayer and a sports writer, and learns to open her heart to love again.
Inn Significant (2017): After the loss of her young husband, a woman moves to a small town to run her parents’ inn, as she begins to cope and recover from loss and depression.
Little Milestones (2019): The follow-up novel to Inn Significant—a woman moves from New York City to a small town to live with her grandmother, and meets a cast of characters from Inn Significant as she attempts to start over.
The Postcard (2018): A collection of short stories & poetry written over the course of 20 years, focusing on love, friendship, family, and forgiveness.
Thanks for considering one of my books!

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