Deep, Sandy Thoughts


There’s nothing that a little summer vacation can’t cure. Being able to sit in your beach chair and listen to the rhythm of the surf puts you back in touch with the simple things in life that sometimes get pushed aside.

Taking strolls on the beach with your husband or playing Kadima or building a sandcastle reminds you of what’s truly important in your life.

I am blessed to spend time with these people, and their support means the world to me. Plus, they take a damn good photo.


Baseball Girl, A Novel

Francesca Milli’s father passes away when she’s a freshman in college and nineteen years old; she is devastated and copes with his death by securing a job working for the Bay City Blackbirds, a big-league team, as she attempts to carry on their traditions and mutual love for the game of baseball. The residual effect of loving and losing her dad has made her cautious, until two men enter her life: a ballplayer and a sports writer. With the support of her mother and two friends, she begins to work through her grief. A dedicated employee, she successfully navigates her career, and becomes a director in the team’s organization. However, Francesca realizes that she can’t partition herself off from the world, and in time, understands that sometimes love does involve taking a risk.

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  • Elizabeth Johnson

    Awesome photo! I accidentally left your book on a Southwest plane to Milwaukee so who knows where your book will travel next!

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